Fresh food and social relaxation are two of life's essentials. Our goal at Fish is to make your life a little fresher. With 25 years of seafood experience and a passion for great spirits and varietals we are Metro West's premier seafood restaurant and wine bar.

"This is without a doubt the premiere seafood restaurant in all of metro west."
Dan Andelman. The Phantom Gourmet



Make Life Fresh!

1. Choose product carefully.
Catch the owner Jason driving to Boston every morning to meet with different vendors to purchase top quality seafood.
2. Only serve the freshest ingredients.
The prep starts early every morning by our hard working chefs chopping up the local produce.
3. Keep the restaurant spotless.
From our polished water glasses to our iced oyster bar every detail is something we hold a lot of pride for.
4. Make deliberate choices with ambiance.
Cooper handmade Fish decorations on the wall and oyster shaped lights in the bar is how we get funky.



Long Hours & Attention To The Details



Aleximar Barros:

More than 15 years experience in this kitchen. His personality and dedication is what makes our slogan, "Make Life Fresh" come to life. The relationships he build's with the food vendors ensures our product is always top quality. Thank You Alex!



Photography to make life a little fresher.